At the core, our events are about cultivating community, inclusive environments and experiences that are founded in connection. We are a social enterprise, meaning our finances go back into developing positive social change. We hire and train young women, non-binary and gender diverse mid-skilled event workers, emerging artists and workshop facilitators to create a cultural shift in the music and arts industry. We believe in paying all creatives at industry wage and providing positive experiences for all involved.

This should not be novel - the talent that exists in Australia is astounding and we need more spaces and stages that centre women, NB, and GD artists. Also, these artists should represent the diverse beauty of Australian art, centring the voices of First Nations, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ artists and event creators. 

It is important that the centring of women, non-binary and gender diverse voices isn’t just on the stage - we need to see change behind the scenes too. We provide the space for diverse voices to be amplified through event development as well. When people pay to see women, NB and GD lineups, women, NB and GD event workers and organisations are also being paid. We have a vested interest to invest it in the next generation of women, NB and GD event workers and artists.


While our events are designed by and centre the stories and voices of women, non-binary and gender diverse people, our events are open to men. We believe men need to actively engage in these spaces in order to learn, grow and develop the arts industry. We want to see a culture shift and we all need to be part of the conversation for that to happen.



Several people are pictured sitting cross-legged on the floor, participating in a zine-making workshop at Summer Dreaming 2019.


We believe that all voices are valid and deserve to be heard. We are all a product of our experiences and are only able to know and learn from our own experiences. To grow, develop and shift culture we need more active conversations and a non-hierarchical power structure that prioritises and listens to all the voices in the room.


Empathetic and community learning and development of events falls under the umbrella of co-design. Co-design is the practice of consulting a range of people from an array of backgrounds on their experiences and values, working together to create meaningful change. Diversity is not a tickbox - it is not enough to have a range of people in the room if you are not actively including, encouraging and implementing everyone’s ideas.

Two people are seen with their arms around each other.