Summer Dreaming's

2019 Team

Summer Dreaming is an organisation that provides young women, gender non-conforming, non-binary and trans people with the opportunity to create events that speak to and reflect on their experiences. Team members will develop professional skills and contacts and be paid for their time and efforts. 


Lucinda Walravens

Operations Manager

Always inspired by the women around her, Lucinda was driven to help other women thrive in new and exciting projects. Through working at, and frequenting, many music festivals and events, Lucinda recognised the positive power of music to bring communities together. In founding Summer Dreaming through YLab’s Reimagining Northside program, she recognised the unique opportunity to create opportunities for fellow women in the creative industries, while promoting an inclusive environment where community and new friends are at the forefront.


Kimberly Clarke

Business Manager

As a young gay woman who comes from a working class regional family it is no surprise that Kimberly dedicates herself to the fight against injustice and inequality. She pursues projects with passionate determinism and her History and Politics degree have allowed her to understand the world she lives in. Kimberly joined Summer Dreaming in its infancy recognising the importance and value of the project. She endeavours to inspire action in those around her and fight for a more equal and interesting music and arts industry.


Maki Morita

Music Programming Coordinator

Maki is passionate about promoting equality and diversity in the music and arts industries. As an East Asian woman growing up in Australia, she has often felt out of place and suffered low self-esteem due to bullying, particularly in high school. Expressing herself through creative practices has helped her to gain confidence and overcome such insecurities. Maki hopes to provide a platform for women, gender diverse and racially diverse artists. She got involved with the project as she wants to promote diversity in the arts, as she believes events like Summer Dreaming have the capacity to form stronger communities.


Chilli Nguyen

Community Programming Coordinator

Passionate about creating safe and inclusive spaces for vulnerable groups, Chilli has been working in the development sector for four years before pursuing a Master Degree in Development Studies in Australia. Being a part of Summer Dreaming, Chilli wants to practice and promote activism about gender equality as well as contribute to the local community here in Melbourne.

Delta Williams

Venue Corodinator

Having grown up on a diet of Central Victorian routine during the week and Melbourne live music events on the weekend, Delta has always had an interest in the power and joy that music and community events can offer to a diverse range of people. With strong feminist values and a keen interest in culture, Delta is inspired by the position of being able to work alongside other upcoming young women in the creative industry; celebrating our collective diversity. As a member of Summer Dreaming, Delta is eager to create an engaging and inclusive safe space for people to enjoy the day.

Haley Zilderberg

Ticket & Sponsorship Coordinator

Haley is originally from Florida, where she completed a Bachelor of Social Work in hopes to understand and better serve marginalised populations, including individuals with disabilities and the LGBT community. Haley joined Summer Dreaming to be a part of a much needed inclusive and accessible music event in Melbourne.

Imogen Honybun

PR & Marketing Coordinator

As a final year Melbourne University Arts student, Imogen was looking for opportunities to engage more with her community when she stumbled upon Summer Dreaming. With previous work experience in events management and a love of live music, Summer Dreaming felt like a natural fit. She is dedicated to working on projects which create inclusive, judgement free spaces at events where everyone feels comfortable to be their authentic selves. Her long-standing passion for gender equality and women’s rights has been advanced by her studies in History and International Politics, which have shown her how far the world has come, but how much more progress there is to be made. She is so excited about the potential of this event and to be working in a team of like-minded, determined women.